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About the artist


Explizit is a man of many talents and much experience. Hailing from the streets of Louisiana life was anything but simple for Exlizit growing up. Adobted by his aunt at the age of 2 he knew life wouldnʼt be easy, but he embraced it. His experience comes crashing through in his music that represents everything from hood anthems to glossy joints for the clubs and the ladies.

Explizit is a duo threat producer and lyricist that knows exactly what he wants in the studio. While many rappers put on a facade for a label, he canʼt help simply being himself in life and in his music. He lives by a code derived partially from the streets, partially from his childhood, and partially from his life experiences.

Songs like “Ring The Alarm” issues a stern warning

Slow Burn by Explizit

The most in your face…, hard hitting…, explosive collection of fifteen of songs ever found on one album.

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Explizit is planning on releasing additional remixes of his entire album, and is currently looking at performing his chart toping singles Can’t Wait To Get You Home, Hustle 4 Real, and Monster Pt. 2 throughout the country.

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